Awnings vs. Canopies

Although canopies and awnings look similar and serve the same basic function, they’re classed entirely differently according to the NYC Building Code and require different permits as a result.  Failing to obtain the correct permits could result in hefty fines.

What’s the difference?

An awning (also known as a marquee) is entirely supported by the building it’s attached to.  The only permit it needs is from the Department of Buildings.

A canopy, meanwhile, is partially supported by the building, but also by at least two support columns.  Like an awning, it needs a DOB permit.  Because canopies’ support beams extend onto the sidewalk, however, Department of Transportation also has to issue a permit…  just as it does for anything else that obstructs the sidewalk.


2 thoughts on “Awnings vs. Canopies

  1. It’s good to know that awnings are entirely supported by the building they are attached to. For this reason, I think it’s important that you have a reliable contractor install your awning so that it is more guaranteed to withstand bad weather. It’s important that you have an awning that helps you enjoy the outdoors more while not making you worry about it withstanding bad weather.

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