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When you need not just the DOB, but other agencies

Aside from minor building upkeep, essentially all construction work requires a permit from the Department of Buildings.  However, depending on the nature of the work being done, you may need to apply for additional permits from other city agencies, as well: More Info

What is revocable consent?

Revocable consent is a right granted by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for a person or business to build and use certain structures on, over or under the city’s streets and sidewalks.  Permission typically lasts for about ten years, albeit with an annual fee.  As the name implies, the city can revoke its consent at any time.

Here’s how to go about applying for it!

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Sidewalk Cafes: What You Need to Know

Few things make a lunch or dinner out more romantic than sitting outside and enjoying the warm summer breeze.  However, because sidewalk cafés are built on city property—namely, the sidewalk—and can present an obstruction to pedestrians, these cafés are subject to special zoning regulations and special government clearance.  According to the New York City Zoning Resolution, there are three main types of sidewalk cafés: More Info